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possible contests to enter by KatzeFisch

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June 11


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Hey guys! It's that time again~ :"D 
Last time I opened a contest here:…
Everyone did so well, and I think had a great time with that xD I of course was blown away by the quality and amazing-ness of everyone's work so good job! I felt like there should be another contest while we wait for the episode to be out :'D
So for this contest you guys will be making a T-shirt design.
The goal is to:
Make a professional/legit looking t-shirt for audience, using your own drawing of one or more of my characters or maybe just the word Audience....whatever you come up with as long as it has to do w/ my series!  :'D I'm going to give you guys a lot of creative freedom on this one! Let's see what you guys will come up w/ :D 
I've made a few other T-shirt designs so you can get a feel for what my others look like, of course I want you guys to do whatever you want ;) so just have fun! But these are the examples of other Audience shirts:
 Coup d'etat .:Oxy T-shirt:. by lupisvulpesAudience T Shirt by lupisvulpesHurt Pride Showtime Shirt by lupisvulpes
1) !!!.:[By entering this contest you are saying that you are fine that this design might be turned into a t-shirt!]:.!!!

2) You can use any of these characters in the design but IT MUST BE YOUR DRAWING not mine not a base ok? Here are the characters that can be used in it:…

3) You can have more than one character in it or just one, if you want. you can also do your own design like possibly the word audience in a cool design or whatever, it's up to you!! As long as it has to do with audience (: (ask me about other characters of mine, and if you're unsure if they will appear in audience, i'll let you know ;)

4) Don't use your own characters, sorry that will just get confusing :"0 Especially since they are not in the show! 

5) The dimensions of the canvas MUST be 2400x3200 (that is: width-2400, height-3200 to clarify xD ) If you want to win or at least have a chance, it needs to be that big, I know it's huge, but it's worth it once you get that clean lines on your t-shirt ;) I know how awesome it is, because when I got my Arcade audience t-shirt with the ribs, that's like the only shirt I wear it's so much fun 'xDD and it's image is really clear! you don't want a blurry t-shirt design x'/ 

6) The background should preferably be transparent, no one wants to see a white background on their design. If anyone needs help w/ getting it transparent I can possibly help or tell you how. xD it depends on the program you use 'xD

7)have fun!! Be daring, feel free to use different colors~! Try looking at other t-shirt designs on google ! it might help! that's what I do whenever i'm about to design a shirt :D 

8) YoU cAN enter as many times as you'd like!!!!!

9) The end date is 7/20/14 but it can be extended if needed! 

.: PRIZES :. (I tried to make the prizes better than last time xD)

[first place]- a design w/ a full ref or a drawing/painting of your character, your design will be turned into a T-shirt and I will buy and send one to you, 500 points, llama, watch, an icon, a journal doll and I'll advertise your art ^^ 

second place- pony/dog design (like the small one) but not a full ref. Or a picture of your character :") and animated journal doll, 200 points watch, llama, your design will be turned into a t-shirt but i wont buy it for you, and i'll advertise your art.

third place- a little animated page/journal doll, 100 points, watch, llama, your design will be turned into a t-shirt but I wont buy it for you and i'll advertise your art. 

If you have any questions please ask!!!

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Gamaray89 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

It is flat and simple. and should be made in a black shirt not a white!
TheAnimeUmbreon Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh I wish I entered but I never knew this existed XD Silly me
mandarker Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Is the contest still open??
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not sure if you knew but i added text to mine
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I did another one.... im sORRY I GOT BETTER ;v;…
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