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July 8, 2013


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*shrug* I feel like doing a contest xD hah so um, yah xD
I really enjoy involving my friends and fans in my Games, videos and ideas, sooooo, this one will be related to the middle ground (my game)
the rules are simple, 
All you have to do is Draw the Three fake guards oooor The Fake Guards Battle Mode heh xD
here are some pics of them:
The Fake guards: 
Three Guards by lupisvulpesKidnapped by lupisvulpes
pretty much their design is just, blue guard has a blue gem, red guard a red-pink one, and green guard has a green one. xD
pretty simple, eh? xD

the battle guard(s) look like this:  livestreaming still by lupisvulpes three arms in the front, two in the back xD hah and their ears have holes xD hah
soo yah xD 
This will be a quick contest x) Have fun! Try to not put your own characters in your entry, sorry <:"C It might lessen your chances of winning <:"v
oh and anyone may join so try not to ask if you can join cuz the answer is yes! x"D haha
ok prizes:
first place- a design w/ a full ref, for example:  Chinese Crested Dog Design by lupisvulpes or Jack for peculiar-nomnom by lupisvulpes Or, you can get a picture of your character x")

second place- a pony/dog design (like the small one) but not a full ref. Or a picture of your character :") 

third place- a little journal doll thingy like: 
Young Oxy Doll by lupisvulpes
But with an animated tail xD haha

ok! Have Fun :"D <3 yjskjlsksf 

Why Green why?! (Contest entry for LupusVulpus.) by ThewolfofdarkThree Guards by tGWaHF<da:thumb id="383854321"/>The three guards by 1257gfThe guards by skiyeeA Mission? Oh Why Not. (contest entry for Lupis) by Girrpuppy
Contest Entry by TheKinghContest:  battle guard by CaptianRunPile Of Guards by liighty3 Gaurds Icon :contest entry: by SwimmButtThree Guards by Peculiar-NomNomThree fake gaurds- contest entry by SyberDingoTech<da:thumb id="383921292"/>The Fake Trio by bad-egg-pun-CE- Battle Time by hayluwolf<da:thumb id="383932080"/>Guard Guard Guard by MoronicTrollcontest entry: fake guards by kasainekosA Guards Ambition .:Lupisvulpes Contest Entry:. by crazywolfpersonDon't Mess With the Guards Contest Entry by TherealNightstripes3 guards contest entry by WolfArtist829Rag Tag Team :CE: by cIiche
<da:thumb id="383892075"/>GET 'EM by NakaratheDemon<da:thumb id="383980613"/>We Three Fake Guards by WH-ZabimaruContest entry for LupisVulpes by AshlynniiThe Fake Guards Contest Entry by Woofsufsifs:CE: Three fake guards by Titan-SushiFacepaw by CaptainLaylie<da:thumb id="384047172"/>Good Guards by sandy01234Shattering The Skies - CE for lupisvulpes by monstercat-masochismWe All Started Somewhere by StrangelySerenePicking on Green by tGWaHFOff Duty by EchoesOfTheLost3 Soldiers by PBnJamThree Guards Clash Contest Entry for Lupis by MultisheeploverFor lupisvulpes's constest by GabrielethefoxdogThree Fake Guards by sepi320143 Guards Battle Form Glitch by hawkfurzeFake Guards Contest by LetsFallTogetherLupisVulpes Contest by Minus2Plus1Lupisvulpes contest 3 guards glitch by hawkfurzeThe battle guards by LetsFallTogetherSorry guys, I just tripped - CE for lupisvulpes by monstercat-masochismOrders are orders by Space-StormBattle Guard/s - For LupisVulpes by fake guards by NerorowhodrawsAnd Theyre At It Again by glitterpuukeGuards in Battle by Ice-ArtzSnow Day! by EchoesOfTheLostContest Entry by DemyxsNo1LoverBattle Guards by SuperAthenaBattle Guard by….:. The Finest Men in the Quasar Kingdom .:. by IncorporatedShadowsThose Clumsy Guards by KittyCatAngeI~:Contest Entry:~ by thedead33Three fake gaurds by West-KitsuneWe are one! (contest entry) by bluenose15<da:thumb id="384924041"/><da:thumb id="384560997"/><da:thumb id="385196503"/>The Three Guards by VurrenContest Entry by rexuzumaki1111
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When does it end ovo?
SuperAthena Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SuperAthena Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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^^' could you replace my old entry with this one? sorry, for the hassle D:
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I wonder who's going to win xD so many entries
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Hey, my account, ~CeceTheNobody got suspended, so I'm on this new account so yeah ;-; Just sayin~ I might make a new entry soon~ >u<
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heres my other entry ^w^
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